Name change from ICT to Computing

Although the rest of the curriculum consultation process is still being worked through, the Government has decided to go ahead with changing the name in the National Curriculum from ICT to Computing. They have now issued a consultation document for this aspect only and will move ahead with the temporary disapplication of much of the National Curriculum to allow schools to start introducing new aspects to what they teach.

Personally, I am disappointed at the prospect of another name change in this subject area, which is only likely to further distance and confuse parents, carers and members of the public. The key fight however, remains with the detail of the new National Curriculum (currently in draft form), to ensure that we end up with high quality, fit for purpose programmes of study. Computing could end up being a huge step forward or a giant leap backwards, although it is perhaps most likely to be a bit of a muddle that professionals on the ground will need to take control of and sort out. And whatever happens with the curriculum, it won’t address the issue of the available pool of specialist teachers to teach the subject and in the short term it can only make this problem worse.

However, change always brings new opportunities and it is these that I am looking forward to!

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